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Watched Heroes this evening. What a brilliant episode. The best this year. Better than anything last year. Better than most of first season. Loved it! The whole theme of parents and children is what this show does best. Got sniffly over the conversationn between Claire and Noah Bennet. And the Hiro bits... beautifully done. Great use of powers. Even Mohinder was interesting.

Clearly this is not like the Doctor Who universe, where the world ends if, in the course of time travelling, you hold yourself as an infant.

Peter was at his best, and we saw more than usual of the Haitian. I loved the story arc around Sylar: getting the lie-detection power so he could confront Arthur Petrelli. And Ando fits so nicely in a trio with Daphne and Matt.

I'd go on at length by I'm way too tired. Tired and happy.

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I haven't seen "The Eclipse, part 1" yet but I decided to watch this evening's episode anyway, so as not to fall behind. And I'm glad I did.

Things I liked... )

Things I Didn't Like )

Neutral )

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I'm watching Heroes by myself, something I haven't done before. Normally Doctor Who and Torchwood are the only show I do that with. Popcorn, a cup of tea... Kind of fun.

So... writing during the ads... Villains? )

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The title "Angels and Monsters" sounds like a cross between Neil Gaiman (Angels and Demons) and Doctor Who ("Love and Monsters"). Of course, this show has nice bits of inspiration from both.

There were things I liked and things I didn't like, but I thoroughly enjoyed the Bennet scenes and the suspense. In more detail... )

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Watched Heroes tonight: "One of Us, One of Them". Enjoyed it once more. )

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Okay. Despite my trepidation, Heroes caught my attention again. Big time.

Loved the kick-ass look of... )
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This New York Times article about current TV shows is fun. I went to it for the Torchwood mention - which is a big spoiler if you haven't seen the end of series 2 yet, and most Canadians haven't.

I was amused by their easy acceptance of slash:Read more... )

I don't like the comments on Heroes at all. Sounds like more new characters (faugh) and focus on the old characters I didn't like (Maya). Ah well: gives me an excuse not to watch, when I don't have time anyway. Who am I kidding? Of course I'll watch, initially at least, if only to see how Nathan Petrelli survives - and because I want to see Peter Petrelli again.

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My television wish list...
  1. A Doctor Who spin-off about Jenny's adventures.
  2. A series about Captain Jack Harkness in his time-travelling Time Agent days, before he met the Doctor. In which he remains a hero.
  3. A Torchwood series which retains the adult themes of series 11, but is better written and which focusses heavily on Captain Jack Harkness. In which Captain Jack is flirty with many people, and our attractive female characters make out with each other.
  4. A Torchwood spin-off giving us the adventures of Captain John Hart.
  5. A retcon or reboot of Battlestar Galactica back to the end of the season before this one, in which Starbuck is still a feisty warrior, Sharon is the only Cylon on Galactica, and Six is still in Baltar's head.
  6. A return of Claude the Invisible Man to Heroes. Preferably (occasionally) visible.
  7. In Doctor Who: for Donna to stay with the Doctor for at least another series, and Rose never to be mentioned again. Don't get me wrong: I like Rose. I even like Rose, the warrior of Torchwood. But do I want to see her again? No.
  8. A revisit to Russell T Davies' Queer as Folk. Oh. Looks as if I'm getting my wish. Yay!
  9. More Sarah Jane Adventures - and I'm getting that, too. Double yay! Extra wish: a few guest appearances by the Doctor.

1 By adult I mean: clever plots, less violence, more sex.

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The new Heroes graphic novel begins: "My name is Logan. Penny Logan. And I'm the best at what I do."

Love it with a passion. Oooh, those X-Men. Even when they're sort of ... X-Men manqué.

And it turns out to be a good story, too.

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I just saw this 20-second trailer for the new series of Torchwood.

I am a very, very happy fan just now.

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Now, wasn't "Powerless" an episode title on Life just a few weeks ago? Is this the consequence of the writers' strike, that they're conserving titles is case they run out?

So we've reached the end of vol. 2.

Various thoughts... )

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Interesting episode, with a few surprises. It was good... )

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Watched Heroes "Four Months Ago" last night. If I don't comment, I'll forget my thoughts.... Ususally... )

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I was looking at photos from season 1 episodes of Heroes just now. If you've been reading this LJ, you know I love Peter Petrelli with a shallow but passionate passion. Last season, I thought his long floppy hair was utterly cute and I didn't think I could stand it if he cut it. Remember Samson and Delilah? Samson was never the same afterwards. And look at all those Merovingian kings.

So I was looking at pictures of Peter from last year, and was shocked to realize that I'd entirely forgotten that his hair had ever been longer than it is now - the short cut now seems normal. And it has seemed normal from almost the beginning of the season. And even stranger: his long, floppy hair that I thought was so sexy and adorable last year looks... peculiar.

Do my eyes betray me?

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[livejournal.com profile] raissad (and my friend StarWolf too) pointed me to this interview with Heroes creator Tim Kring. Some points... )

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Heroes this week: the same title as a Torchwood episode. At least they steal from the best. And of course, both stories involved time travel.

My Comments... )

My current state of affairs on Heroes:
Favourite character: Peter Petrelli
Unexpected new favourite... )

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Much enjoyed. I think this season is picking up.

Read more... )

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I watched Heroes last night with [livejournal.com profile] maaseru. We agreed that it was a better-than-usual episode. "And I know why," said [livejournal.com profile] maaseru. 'Why?' I asked... )

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Saw and loved Heroes again. Even though it went light on shirtless Peter scenes. Expectations have been raised. Thoughts... )

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I find myself increasingly (and surprisingly) pleased with the season premiere of Heroes coming up. I've been watching the promos on YouTube. There are lots of them -most gratifying! And then, with the URL kindly passed on to me by [livejournal.com profile] raissad (thank you!), a six-minute clip from Monday's new episode. There are many goodies in it.

And then: fan forums analysing the details of the promos, frame by frame and detail by detail. Interviews with the cast, who all seem articulate and personable. Though I'm still largely unimpressed with Ali Larter. And most impressed by Noah Gray-Cabey.

Looking at all this material turns out to be incompatible with avoiding spoilers. After seeing what Kensei looks like without the mask - well, [livejournal.com profile] maaboroshi and I, surprised and loving it, said to each other, "These surprises are too good - we have to wait for the actual show!" It's only till Monday.

Besides the plethora of Heroes comics on the website - I can't keep up! - there's the wonderful history of Kensei on the Yamagato Fellowship page.

I was enjoying browsing the website for the Primatech Paper Company site, where they're looking to hire people. No wonder; they lost Bennet recently. Their motto: Paper, People, Performance. Oooh. Sinister. "If you're interesting in joining the Primatech Paper family" takes on a whole different meaning if you think about Claire....

I'd feared that we were going to get a shift in focus - at the end of volume one/season one, I was afraid we'd neglect the characters we have and move on to new people and new stories. This would have been terrible: I'm invested in the stories of the characters we have already. The San Diego panel put my mind at rest, and really, I should have the right kind of confidence in Tim Kring. He knows the power of comics as 'character based entertainment'. He knows we don't just want to see a bunch of characters with powers fighting each other: we want to see the lives of Hiro and Claire and the Petrellis and even Matt.

With spoilers for season two... )


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