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Five unfortunate uses of pregnancy as a plot device.:

  1. Scully's pregnancy in X-Files.

  2. Amy Pond's wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey pregnancies in Doctor Who.

  3. The alternate Olivia's pregnancy in Fringe. Okay, the pregnancy plot itself is/was really good. But having alternate Walter interfere, having the childbirth turned into one of thoe instant/magical things - not so smooth. An unusual clumsiness in a superb show.

  4. The Scarlet Witch's imaginary/magical pregnancy in Marvel comics. It was absurd, and it was a disappointing climax to what had been a good storyline. And guess what? They've picked it up again and made something quite interesting of it - for instance, Wiccan's identity and his search for his mother in Children's Crusade. Subsequent stories have made me forgive the lame situation that existed in the first place.

  5. Children of Men, where the pregnancy is simply unexplained because it is unexplainable. That's cheap.


Oct. 2nd, 2010 12:47 am
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From The Fannish Five: Name five characters who would love to attend a family reunion.

Seems oddly worded, but if the question means "five characters whose family reunion would be interesting to see" - well, then! Funny how most of the characters in most of what I read lack relatives. So many orphans. And so many people with villainous brothers.

  1. Francis Crawford of Lymond. If we allow all the semi-related to attend - the illegitimate half-sister, the adopted son on his enemy, the uncle/father and the grandfather/father... What a bunch they would be! I am myself a great fan of Rankin, the First Baron, and would love to see him and Sybilla together.

  2. The Summers family from X-Men. Add in the alternate future generations (like Rachel, always a favourite) and the dead and the demonic... Not sure where Jean Grey would fit in here: maybe she'd better stay dead, though it would be fun to see Emma Frost (Scott Summers' current love, the White Queen) meet Madeline Pryor (his first wife, the Goblin Queen). Polaris and Magneto should be there - would that include Wanda and Pietro, as Havok's ex-half-brother- and ex-half-sister-in-law? Or Wiccan and Speed, as the semi-existant magical half-nephews? And Hulking, as the boyfriend of one of them? Heh: this could be fun, figuring how big a crowd we could get. Can we add in Cable, his wife and son (long-dead in the distant future) and Stryfe? At some point, thinking too much about the Summers family ends in a headache from exploding brain synapses.

  3. A sort of tie here for two comic book 'families' who both are and are not literal families: the Batman family (at DC) and the Wolverine family (at Marvel).

    The first consists basically of those in batcostume and their closest friends: Bruce Wayne, his son Damian, his adopted son Dick, the various Robins, Batgirl, Batwoman, Oracle, the Birds of Prey, Alfred. Maybe Catwoman (with Helena? can I call her Helena Wayne?1) or Talia al-Ghul2.

    Though Wolverine tends to treat the X-Men as family, and has had a number of wives and lovers, the Wolverine family consists of only three people: Logan, his son Daken, and his clone X-23. Probably better not to have them all in the same room together, though in the right circumstances, it might be fun. I'd like to see X-23 and Daken compare notes. Have they ever met, canonically? Not as far as I know - which means it's a meeting just waiting to happen.

  4. The Winchesters: Sam, Dean, and their father John. Just because I adored John and would like to see him again in any capacity. Castiel could join them - a guardian angel is sort of like a family member, right? I'd like to see Castiel meet John Winchester. Then there's the newly-alive-again grandfather and those cousins. Guess we'd have to allow Adam, dead or alive.

  5. The Doctor in Doctor Who. For someone who has no relatives and is the last of his kind, there are an awful lot of potential relatives: a mother we seem to have barely glimpsed, a father, at least one wife and possibly two (can we count River Song?), a child or children unspecified, a granddaughter Susan, a clone-daughter, and - anyone else? Well, since it's a big party, and can include all of time and space, I'd allow any of the regenerations of the Doctor who want to attend, and any of the companions as well. The TARDIS is big. It could handle the crowd.


1 Let me explain this a little for non-readers of Batman: Selina Kyle (Catwoman) had a daughter named Helena. We never learned for sure who Helena's father was, but Bruce Wayne showed considerable paternal-style interest in her, and we know Bruce and Selina had been sleeping together at some point before that. The Earth-2 Batman (don't ask, it gets complicated) and the Earth-2 Catwoman had a daughter named Helena Wayne, who became The Huntress.

2 Talia al-Ghul is, canonically, the mother of Batman's son Damian.

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From The Fannish Five: Name five kickass female characters.

I take it that for the purposes of this question, "kickass" means: "Interesting, powerful, strong in character."

Ten or twenty years ago or so I might have said there were none, except in comics: I was thoroughly disgusted with the depiction of women in television and movies. Women in movies are still terrible - and don't get me started on my opinion of Princess Leia! - but there are some great women on TV now.

Books... )

Comics... )


Aug. 14th, 2010 10:09 pm
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From the Fannish Five: Name your five favorite evil characters.

  1. Bullseye in Marvel comics. Ever since he killed Elektra in Daredevil #181. His recent depiction as a clever, psychopathic member of the Dark Avengers has been chilling.
  2. Falcone, the evil pirate in Karin Lowachee's novels, especially Warchild.
  3. Reacher Gilt from Going Postal, whom I pick as representative of Terry Pratchett villains, because they are, primarily, the epitome of greed.
  4. The Vicomte de Valmont, in Dangerous Liaisons.
  5. Ges Vorrutyer, a major villain in Shards of Honour by Lois McMaster Bujold. Bujold often does brilliant villains, and Vorrutyer is neither the best nor the worst, but he's a favourite mostly because of what we don't see - what we only get a glimpse of: his obsession with Aral Vorkosigan, his changing role in Aral's life - from lover to antagonist, from brother-in-law to enemy.

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From fannish5: Name the five sweetest fictional characters.

    Sweetest? What an interesting question. Fictional characters - at least the ones I notice - tend to be brave, clever, strong, witty - but sweet? More like to be snarky bastards.

    Sweetness tends to be a quality I associate with the unsophisticated and the young.

    So I thought about it and came up with the following:

    1. Kaylee in Firefly. She loves machines, sex, and strawberries. Adult but oddly innocent - and very sweet.

    2. Kuzum, pawnish young boy in Pawn in Frankincense by Dorothy Dunnett.

        'I'm a very...' )

    3. Ella, Olivia's little niece in Fringe

    4. Alexis, in Castle.

    5. Little Sam Winchester, in Supernatural.

    And an honourable mention goes to Keith Mars, Veronica's father in Veronica Mars. He's much sweeter than she is.

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From Lj's Fannish 5: What are your five favourite fairy tales?

My first thought was that I don't like any fairy tales, but that isn't true. Well... sort of true. Depends what you call a 'fairy tale'.

  1. A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare. Well, it has fairies in it. I'm mad over Oberon.

  2. A Midsummer Night's Dream by Neal Gaiman. Also has fairies in it. I'm mad over Auberon.

  3. Beauty and the Beast - the Disney version.

  4. Power of Three by Diana Wynne jones. Not fairies, not really, but ... little people. And magic.

  5. The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde.

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From LJ's Fannish Five: Name your five favorite spaceships.

The first three were easy:
  1. Serenity... )


Apr. 22nd, 2010 10:56 pm
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From Fannish 5 back on Jan. 15: list 5 fannish things that are bringing you joy right now.

  1. The Eleventh Doctor, with Amy Pond.
  2. Castle, especially scenes with banter between Castle and Beckett, and scenes in which Castle is with Alexis.
  3. White Collar, especially when Neal and Peter are together; bones points for the addition of Mozzie or Elizabeth.
  4. Anticipation of Iron Man 2 and Solomon Kane.
  5. The return of Nick Fury, Magneto and Remy Lebeau to Marvel comics, after they'd been done a while.
Somehow anticipation of a new Guy Gavriel Kay novel didn't make it to that list; let's give it a special honourable mention.

And then there's Inspector Lewis and The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency. Too many things bring me joy!

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From Fannish 5: What are your five favourite sibling relationships?

  1. Francis Crawford of Lymond and his brother, Richard Crawford, Third Baron Culter. Richard and Francis are wonderful. I love all their scenes together, particularly the most fraught ones: in the clearing in The Game of Kings, on the beach in The Ringed Castle. I like the way they love each other, but Lymond can always push Richard's buttons, and does... And Richard has no defenses against him.

  2. Northstar and Aurora, in Alpha Flight and X-Men and other Marvel mutant comics. I love Northstar in particular - Canadian, gay, a glamourous athlete. Aurora I don't much like - she has suffered badly from terrible writing over the years, and characters with dual personalities are notoriously hard to write well. But they are pretty together, and dramatic, and they can fly.

  3. Sam and Dean Winchester, in the TV show Supernatural. The writing there has had its ups and down, but my goodness, they are fun - heartbreaking and heartwarming. My favourite Sam and Dean scene is the moment with the cereal, when Dean gives Sam the last serving.

  4. Robert, Cyril, Anthea, Jane and the Lamb in Five of us and It, The Phoenix and the Carpet, and The Story of the Amulet by E. Nesbit.

  5. The Power children, Alex, Julie, Jack and Katie Power, from Marvel's comic, Power Pack. This is not surprising, in view of my choice #4: I believe Louise Simonson once said that the Power kids were inspired by the E. Nesbit books.


Apr. 8th, 2010 09:39 pm
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From fannish5 on LJ: Name the five most loving fictional moms.

I'm not sure I can say "most loving" but I can name my five favourites, mostly because they are interesting:

    1. Cordelia Naismith, mother of Miles Vorkosigan in the novels by Lois McMaster Bujold.
    2. Kate Somerville, mother of Philippa Somerville, in the Lymond novels by Dorothy Dunnett.
    3. Jackie Tyler in series 1, 2, and 3 of Doctor Who - Rose's mother.
    4. Lady McDuff, in Shakespeare's Macbeth.
    5. Katharine Hepburn playing Eleanor of Acquitaine in The Lion in Winter.

Special mention: Aunt May in the Spider-Man comics, who, though she was never a mother, is a great mother figure for Peter Parker.

And an extra special mention for Gwen Cooper in Torchwood, who isn't a mother yet, but soon will be. Will we see her again? I certainly hope so.

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From Name 5 characters whose wardrobe you would love to have.
  1. Inara Serra from Firefly. She had such lovely dresses, and wore them with such grace.

  2. Captain Jack Harkness from Torchwood. I love the greatcoat and the vintage military look, and his use of greys and blues. I particularly love the red braces he wears with the light-coloured shirts, and the white braces with the dark ones:

  3. Gwen Cooper from Torchwood, especially as she dressed in Torchwood: Children of Earth.

  4. Also from Torchwood: Captain John Hart's ersatz time agent uniform. I was trying to think of a female character who wears a vintage military outfit, all red serge and gold braid, but couldn't. I love the look. Possible alternatives here: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band or Richard Sharpe.

  5. The dress Emma Thompson wore in Much Ado About Nothing. Loose, white, comfortable and beautiful.

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From the Fannish Friday 5 for October 31: Five favorite fannish Halloween costumes - that you have worn, or seen someone else wear.

Costumes I have made, worn, and loved, in order by which they are favourites:
  1. Doctor Strange (Marvel Comics)
  2. Saturn Girl from Legion of Super-Heroes - Keith Giffen version
  3. Saturn Girl from Legion of Super-Heroes - 1960s version
  4. Guinevere from Camelot 3000
  5. Gambit (Marvel Comics)
I should try to find my photos of them.

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From fannish5 from August 28, 2009: Name five effective uses of songs in movies or tv shows

Discounting musicals, which would be beside the point, and really just picking my favourites:
  1. The Windmills of Your MindThe Thomas Crown Affair, 1968 (Noel Harrison, though many other singers have performed this, including Sting.)
  2. As Time Goes ByCasablanca, 1942.
  3. SheNotting Hill, 1999. (Originally done by Charles Aznavour; performed for the movie by Elvis Costello)
  4. Live and Let Die - Live and Let Die, 1973. (Paul McCartney)
  5. Princes of the Universe - Highlander, 1992-1999. (Queen)

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From the Fannish 5:: If you could erase five characters from any fandom, who would you choose?
  1. From Highlander: Ritchie
  2. From Smallville: Lana Lang. And I loved her so much in the comic!
  3. From Doctor Who: The Master. Not a Master fan, me.
  4. From Torchwood: Abaddon
  5. From X-Men: Rogue. In the movies, she's an embarrassment and a shame to the original, wonderful, character. In the comics, she's superb, but they've written Gambit to be so attached to her romantically, that he has lost something of his separate identity.

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Since there hasn't been a new fannish5 set of questions this week, I'll answer the set from July 10: Name your five favorite works of historical fiction, and why you love them. I wanted to do this, because historical fiction is my favourite genre - rare these days, and quality historical fiction ever rarer.

A. Books:
  1. The Lymond series by Dorothy Dunnett. Set in Europe, particularly Scotland, in the mid-sixteenth century. Anyone who doesn't know these are my favourite books hasn't been paying attention. I love them because they are historically epic; because they are funny and tragic and heroic; and because Francis Crawford of Lymond is the most compelling and brilliant bastard of a hero I have ever encountered.

  2. The Roma sub Rosa series about Gordianus the Finder by Steven Saylor. Detective stories set in late Republican Rome, each centering on a historical event. Good characters, good history.

  3. The Alexander books by Mary Renault, Fire From Heaven and The Persian Boy. The two books cover the life of Alexander the Great; the first is about his youth, the second about his conquest of the world as seen through the eyes of his Persian lover, the dancer Bagoas.

  4. The Lost Queen of Egypt by Lucille Morrison. I read this at twelve, and formed a passion for ancient Egypt and its history. It's a fictionalized account of the life of Ankhsenpaaten, wife of Tutankhamum and daughter Akhenaten. For me, then, it brought the picture of an Egyptian court to life before my eyes.

  5. Ariel by Andre Maurois. Another book which I read at 13 or so, which fed my passion for the English Romantic poets and their philosophies.
B. Movies... )
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From The Fannish 5 on LJ - What 5 series would you resurrect if you could?
  1. Veronica Mars - I want a satisfactory ending to the relationship between Veronica and Logan.
  2. Firefly - Ignore Serenity, because I don't want to lose Wash. I want the story to continue as it was: Mal, Inara, Kaylee, Jayne, Wash, Zoe, Book, Simon, and River aboard Serenity with the various passengers, clients, crimelords, invaders, interlopers, Alliance authorities, Operatives, cannibals, seductresses and bounty hunters they might come across from time to time.
  3. Roar - Yes, I know, the lead actor is tragically dead. It's over. But what fun.
  4. Torchwood - It isn't over. But it isn't announced, either. The TV show that's in limbo and I'm in serious withdrawal.
  5. Slings & Arrows - Gone but not forgotten.
I'm also interested in the series that were never made, but should have been:
  1. A spin-off from Buffy the Vampire Slayer: "Spike".
  2. A spin-off from Highlander: "Methos"
  3. A spin-off from Doctor Who: "The Doctor's Daughter: the Story of Jenny"
  4. A spin-off from Miami Vice: "Castillo"
  5. A spin-off from X-Files: "Krycek"
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From the LJ fannish five: Name your five favorite fictional kids.

First, what's a kid in this context? Many of my favourite characters are young adults, teens, adolescents.... but for the purpose of the question I'll make a cut-off age of, maximum, eleven. So. Let's see...
  1. Bucky, from the comic Nomad by Fabian Nicieza (about one year old)
  2. Ben, in the Supernatural episode, "The Kids Are Alright" (about ten)
  3. Khaireddin, in Pawn in Frankincense by Dorothy Dunnett (about two)
  4. Arya Stark, in the series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin (about 7 when we first meet her, I think)
  5. Young Sam,son of Sam Vimes in the Discworld novels by Terry Pratchett (about one)

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From Fannish Friday Five: Name the five unlikeliest (but successful) canon friendships.

Aren't all - almost all - canon friendships unlikely? The foundation of most fictional friendships (or romances) is attraction of opposites. It works in real life, too. I like a lot of people who aren't in the least like me.

Moreover, what makes a friendship unlikely? Opposite sides of a faction? Age disparity?

So... Fannish friendships. Hmm.
  1. X-Men: Wolverine and Jubilee. I miss that one.
  2. Smallville: Clark and Lex. The low level of likelihood of friendship likelihood between the rich, clever, amoral sophisticate Lex and the simple, honest farm-boy Clark was one of the things that made it so slashy.
  3. Firefly: River and Kaylee. Again, it's the sophisticated genius and the country girl, but with a twist in River's brain-damage.
  4. Torchwood: Ianto and Gwen. They're surprisingly lovely together.

  5. Sansa Stark and Sandor Clegane in A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin - a pretty young girl and a giant grotesque.

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Fannish Friday 5 - Jul. 17th, 2009
Name your five favorite geniuses - evil or otherwise - from any fandom

Funny. Most of my favourite heroes are geniuses, one way or another. Not so much the villains. Evil geniuses tend to fall into the 'stereotype' category, which I don't like.
  1. The Doctor. I don't think this even needs comment.
  2. Eugenides, in the novels by Megan Whalen Turner.
  3. Forge. Seems he's fallen on hard times, but in his first few years as a Marvel mutant I loved the character. Mutant inventor, Storm's lover.
  4. Miles Vorkosigan. I do prefer his father Aral, and though I am perfectly happy to believe that Aral is a political genius, we don't see much of that in action. In the Lois McMaster Bujold novels, we see Miles' career through his own eyes, and his delightful genius for Forward Momentum.
  5. Francis Crawford of Lymond. The genius as Renaissance man - both literally and figuratively. A genius in music, mathematics, the military, strategy, languages, politics, and self-torture.

What, that's five already? You mean I can't list Tony Stark?

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From The Fannish Friday Five: Name the five best uses of parallel universes. Is a parallel universe the same as an alternate universe? I don't usually like the theme, but sometimes... sometimes it's terrific.
  1. The "Mirror, Mirror" episode of Star Trek the original series, followed by two visits to the same universe in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
  2. Doctor Who episode 4x11, "Turn Left".
  3. The Uncanny X-Men #141, "Days of Future Past".
  4. Superman: Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? by Alan Moore.
  5. All the fanfic, all the slash, written about all my favourite fandoms. Each story creates a parallel universe (and/or an alternate universe) all its own.


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