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  • Spent half the morning reading Avengers fanfic - still looking for good recs, too.
  • Went to the gym. Day #57.
  • Met Lyn for lunch. Talked a lot about comics.
  • Bought groceries.
  • Thoroughly scrubbed the bird cage.
  • Worked on clearing things out of the apartment.
  • Did four loads of laundry, folded and put away. (That's the hard part.)
  • Cooked chicken for supper for me, [livejournal.com profile] maaseru and Pim. I ate very little all day, still freaked out about the state of my mouth, and somewhat afraid that eating would be painful as well as difficult. Soup and salad for lunch was all right, though, and supper too was fine - including sangria made by Pim. The only thing I had trouble with was a potato chip, which was difficult to chew and not worth it. By evening my mouth felt somewhat better than it has all week: perhaps the pills are kicking in? I hope so. It feels so strange.
  • Watched Peter Jackson's video about the filming of The Hobbit that aired at San Diego Comic Con. Wow. The sets look amazing.
  • Watched the latest episode of White Collar 4x03, "Diminishing Returns". Fun. Nice to see Mozzie back in New York - with a bunch of Mongolians?

While walking home from Billings Bridge, I was amused to see the antigue shop on Bank Street had a cannon on the sidewalk, for sale. I wish I had room for a cannon in my apartment.

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Spent the evening watching episodes of White Collar: 3x05 "Veiled Threat", 3x06 "Scott Free", and 3x07, "Taking Account".

How is it I love Peter more all the time?

Highlights... )

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Loved this one... It had all the White Collar traits I most love: good lines, good banter between Peter and Neal, the two of them working together ... I'm seeing the season's theme as being Neal needing to choose needing to choose... )

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  1. Brunch at the Mandarin Ogilvie with Marion and Vicky, followed by TV at my place. We watched Hawaii Five-O, the latest episode - 1x18, "Loa Aloha". Enjoyed it, especial Marion's favourite guy, Alex O'Loughlan. Grace Park wasn't in it much.

    Then we watched the movie Oyster Farmer, again starring Alex O'Loughlan. It's an Australian movie, but seemed very like a Canadian movie. My favourite part was when the dog died. And doesn't that sound terrible.

  2. After that, went to a... )

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Also watched last week's episode of White Collar this evening.

This has to be one of the slashiest things I have seen in years. I wanted to make a list of the double entendres, so blandly delivered.

Not to mention... )


Jan. 29th, 2011 10:40 pm
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  1. Lunch was dim sum at the Mandarin Ogilvie with Vicky and Marion. Had a lovely time, but [livejournal.com profile] maaseru was there at the same time and we never saw her - nor she us. The restaurant is big, but it isn't that big. How'd we do that?

  2. Exhausted in afternoon. Read comics. Books. Napped.

  3. Did a Tarot reading with the Dali Universal Tarot. I like the look of the cards, but found them difficult to work with - I missed the numbers on the Minor Arcana. The plush red box they come in is magnificent, though.

  4. Watched Castle 3x13, "Knockdown". I liked the way... )

  5. Watched White Collar 2x11, "Forging Bonds". Very slashy... )

  6. Watched The Good Wife episodes 2x10 and 2x11, "Breaking Up" and "Two Courts". Enjoyed both very much... )

  7. Practised knitting while watching the second episode of The Good Wife. I'm still making mistakes, but feel a little more confident about it.

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Saw Castle episode 3x12, "Poof! You're Dead". I tend to enjoy stories about magicians - well, not The Prestige, but most of them. This one was fun... )

Also saw White Collar after it's long hiatus - well, it felt long to me. 2x10. "Burke's Seven" - great title, lovely idea. Particularly liked... )

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I just read this great interview with Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay. Best bit:

    Tim DeKay: My favorite thing about Peter Burke is that he has to nearly contain his giddiness when he’s on a case that takes a lot of synapses moving. He just loves it. That keeps him going. I’ve said it before, there is almost a little disappointment when the case is solved.... because he just loves the chase. He loves it, loves it and loves it with Neal because there is a part of him that would love to go to that side, but knows he can't. So it’s okay with him just to watch it and every once in a while somewhat dip his foot in that pool.

I also like the way they see the relationship between Peter and Neal as central.

More comments... )

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This evening [livejournal.com profile] maaseru and I sat back and watched this week's episode of White Collar, "Point Blank". It's the last episode till January, and they pulled out all the stops.

Points to ponder... )

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Watched White Collar this evening with [livejournal.com profile] maaseru and [livejournal.com profile] explodedteabag. [livejournal.com profile] maaser and I were both feeling sleepy, while [livejournal.com profile] explodedteabag and I were both feeling grouchy; and she grouched about the show, which tends to annoy me, but I think she mellowed by the end.

I enjoyed the episode, though.

Comments... )
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Tonight we watched White Collar: 2x05, "Unfinished Business", the best episode yet this season. Comments... )
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Tim DeKay's reply when asked his thoughts regarding San Diego Comic Con:
    Nobody has to make apologies for what they wear, or how they look, or what they're into. There is no judgment - and there's no competition. It's a celebration, it seems, of storytelling. And I think it's beautiful, I really do.


Aug. 7th, 2010 10:51 pm
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Breakfast at the Elgin Street Diner on Wellington St. I had a BLT and salad.

Then we went to Canadian Tire, Cotton Ginny, and Coles.

I made a quiche for supper - the first cooking I've done since breaking my elbow. It turned out delish. Marion and Vicky were over (and, later, [livejournal.com profile] maaseru) and we had a White Collar videoparty. Discussed the show - they liked my theories.

All in all, a lovely day. I did a lot of arm/hand exercises and even used the left hand occasionally for holding things.

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From San Diego comicon:

    Especially if it wasn't right, if they tried to frame Neal or something... Peter would just be like an angry god. - Tim DeKay (who plays Peter Burke)

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  • I checked the laundry room, and all six clothes washers were available. I went to get my laundry, and by the time I got back downstairs, about ten minutes later, they were all in use. My clothes remain unwashed. Tomorrow!

  • The physiotherapist moved my appointment today from the regular 2:30 pm to 2:00. Paratranspo has always got me there before 2 pm - until today, when they didn't even pick me up till 2:10. Grump. The session was good, though. She had me doing exercises in motion, and using the pulleys. New things. Even raising my hands over my head - doing tadasana with an arm that won't straighten.

  • Watched the first episode of Above Suspicion, because of my liking for the lead actress, Kelly Reilly. I liked the show very much indeed, except for the dwelling on maggoty and maimed corpses. Ugh. But the plot was terrific.

  • Watched the first episode of Rubicon, and I don't know what I think. Obviously it's an intelligent show, and I was convinced that the protagonist was intelligent. But I wanyed to know more of what it was about... It's vagueness was intriguing, but not interesting enough to make me care or draw me in. Will I was episode 2? ...Maybe. Damn, I wish I had more new episodes of Fringe.

  • Watched the new episode of White Collar, 2x04, "By the Book". I'm still not as much of a Mozzie fan as I was in the first season, but that's okay: this was a delightful episode. Loved Peter being alternately annoyed with Neal, and protective of him. I loved Mozzie's horror that Tom wasn't good enough for Gina, and his subsequent heroism.

    On the other hand, I prefer the stories in which they are working on a regular FBI case, rather than shenanigans of Mozzie or Neal.

  • Reading The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Loving it.

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A good (brief) interview with Tim DeKay, in which we get to see his kids. With thanks to [livejournal.com profile] genevievefan for putting this on YouTube.

"More than bromance"... heh. Trust issue. Oh, the joy.

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Two weeks ago, after watching the season opener of White Collar, we tried to figure out the long-range plot. We asked ourselves questions like: Is Kate really dead? )

If I wait any longer to write this out, I'll forget our theories, or be jossed, or some part of this will be proved right, but it doesn't look clever to say it after the fact. So here you are: the White Collar theories.

We hashed this over in discussion, 'we' being [personal profile] commodorified, [personal profile] random, [personal profile] fairestcat, and [livejournal.com profile] auriaephiala. [personal profile] commodorified even had her own mental flow charts: "if this, then this". We all had input into the discussion, and we all had a slightly different take on our conclusions, and I don't want to imply that any or all of us adopted all the same theories - I'm presenting my take on it.

And isn't it great to have a tv show that warrants this kind of thought?

Who was Kate? )

Is Kate dead? )

So who is the secret villain? )

Can you think of evidence I've missed, to support or contradict these theories?

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I loved many things about White Collar 2x03 Need to Know, but where was the Peter/Neal interplay? Peter was absent from the screen way too much of the time; Neal without him isn't nearly as much fun.

Moreover, each of the first two episodes this season have given us delightful Peter/Neal moments. In 'Withdrawal', the moment when... )

We didn't even get much of Diana this time, and nothing of Elizabeth. No Satchmo, no June, least of all no Christy or Cindy. I don't like Alex and Mozzie nearly as much - I liked Mozzie better last season - and I'm rather hoping this is the last we'll see of Alex.

Still: Peter and Neal were individually great, especially when Peter is teasing Neal and proud of him at the same time. I loved Neal's glee at being notorious enough to have a copycat criminal, and at being famous enough to be studied in college.

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Comments on White Collar 2x02: "Need To Know" that I didn't make yesterday.

It was nice to see... )


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