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I created a chicken dish last night that every present liked, and asked for the recipe. Since I had made the recipe up when I didn't like the ones I was finding online, I promised to write it down and send it to them.

So here it is.

February Chicken

12 chicken thighs
1 tbsp turmeric
1 tbsp avocado oil
1 cup almonds, whole
2 leeks
1 can (14 oz.) coconut milk


1. Preheat oven to 375F. Coat chicken with turmeric and salt and put in a casserole dish. Put them in the hot oven. Set the timer to 30 minutes.
Toast the almonds in a dry fying pan over medium heat. While they are heating, slice and wash the leeks.

2. Take the roasted almonds out of the frying pan and put in the avocado oil and the leeks. Cook the leeks till they are soft, about five minutes.

3. Add the almonds and the coconut milk to the frying pan and simmer. When the timer goes off, take the chicken out of the oven and pour the coconut mixture over the chicken. Return to the oven for another 15 minutes.

4. Serve and enjoy.


Jan. 6th, 2013 10:39 pm
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  • Made wheat-free Acorn Squash Breakfast Bake, which I am happier calling Pepper Squash Breakfast bake, and had it for breakfast while watching Casino Royale with [livejournal.com profile] maaseru and Pim. Had some trouble tearing myself away from the movie.

  • Then I made the Civilized Caveman's Paleo Banana Bread, and was surprised how delicious it turned out to be. Finished cleaning out my fridge, and fixing up the kitchen.

  • Worked on genealogy a bit. Still can't find much about the elusive Peter Grant, or the infamous pirate Black Peter. Read part of Genealogy Online for Dummies, but it isn't as useful as I'd hoped it would be.

  • Went to [livejournal.com profile] lunacy_gal's place and watched a good part of Downton Abbey, series 1, with her and [livejournal.com profile] funkym3485. Lovely pot roast for dinner.

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Had a lovely post-Christmas dinner at Tasia's place, with her, Peter, StarWolf and Chrystine, Ysolde, Beulah and Paul. Ysolde's wonderful soupe aux legumes, Tasia's lamb roast, and my plum pudding. Beulah's wine. All lovely.

After supper, we watched the Doctor Who Christmas special, "The Snowmen". The story... )


Dec. 14th, 2012 10:41 pm
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Quite a day! I was up at 6:30 to go to the gym early. Then on my way home I went to Britten's, the magazine store on Bank Street, to see if they had the British GQ with the pictures of Daniel Craig in it. They did. I really can't afford magazines right now, but I knew I had a Britten's gift card from last Christmas that I could use. So I went home to get it, and came back to Britten's about 11 a.m.

And the magazine wasn't there.

So I went to the gentleman at the cash and said how I'd seen it only a few hours earlier - had someone bought it? Turns out that the next month's issue of GQ had come in so they'd pulled the old one. But it was still on the premises. They went rumaging through big boxes of magazines under their table, and eventually came up with it - on the very bottom.

So then I went to buy a humidifier, which I also couldn't afford - it was on sale for $79 - but I told myself it was like getting medicine, because I keep being told that people with Sjogren's need to have humidity. (Not forgetting that if I have too much humidity, I'll be struggling with candidiasis again! You can't win!) Anyway, Glebe Pharmacy had a humidifier/lamp that I found most attractive, and after looking at what the other stores had to offer - some more expensive, some less, none as attractive - I decided to go for it. And discovered that if I bought it with the points from my Optimum Card, which I didn't even realize was valid at that store, I could buy it for $13.

When I got home, I took all the fannish pictures down from the walls of my bathroom, mostly pictures from Doctor Who and sketches of characters in Game of Thrones, and picture of Peter Wingfield. I washed the frames and mounted pages from GQ... I knew it featured Daniel Craig as Bond, but I didn't know, or expect, that it had pictures of Ben Whishaw, too. Turned out it had more pictures of Wishaw than Craig. So I now have the following on my bathroom walls:

(That's my hairdryer and 2012 calendar below.)

- - -

Read more... )
The magazine cover, with Daniel Craig on it, is taped to the front of my bathroom door - with Christmas cards around it. The outside of my bathroom door is a little more casual, a little more seasonal and unplanned, than the walls inside.

Then Marion and Vicky came over, and [personal profile] maaseru. We ate Christmas food watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas (the cartoon, of course), and We're No Angels. There was turkey with dressing, gravy, and cranberry sauce; stir-fried kale and leeks; baked potatoes; Caesar salad; carrot cake; mince tarts; and eggnog. I made Pears Roasted in Maple Syrup for dessert.

Yeah, nice day.


Nov. 28th, 2012 06:04 pm
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I asked Dr. Pope why I might be having strange cramps in my toes, and he suggested that (because of the Sjogren's Syndrome keeping me a little dehydrated) I probably needed more potassium.

This reminded me that Dr. Griffiths also had told me to be careful about potassium. So I looked up potassium on Wikipedia:

    Foods rich in potassium include parsley, dried apricots, dried milk, chocolate, various nuts (especially almonds and pistachios), potatoes, bamboo shoots, bananas, avocados, soybeans, and bran, although it is also present in sufficient quantities in most fruits, vegetables, meat and fish.

Bananas, okay, I like bananas. And Apricots. And chocolate. I don't much like nuts but, hey, I can eat a few. Potatoes. okay. Bamboo shoots: no way. Bananas: fine, though they have to be ripe - the unripe ones make my mouth sore. Avocados: yum. Soybeans - does that mean tofu, too? I don't much like beans, but I like soy milk and tofu. Fruit, vegetables, meat, fish: yes, of course.

But first, pizza for supper.

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  1. Across the street from my gym, we could see a strange thing in the window of the Danish furniture store across the street - it looked like a big yellow machine gun.

    Unable to believe my eyes, when I was through at the gym I crossed the street and went to have a closer look. Yup, it was a big yellow machine gun - made up as a lamp. Who would want a thing like that in their living room?

  2. At lunchtime, I met up with Beulah, Gemma, Lyn, [livejournal.com profile] gamergrrl, and [livejournal.com profile] auriaephiala for our International Dorothy Dunnett Day lunch and toast. Our venue this time was The Daily Grind on Somerset. We had a hat contest, and [livejournal.com profile] gamergrrl won, with a gaudy gat she'd worn in a musical comedy. We each read a passage from one of the books: I read a few paragraphsfrom The Game of Kings with Jonathan Crouch complaining at being kept prisoner by Lymond, and Lymond being snarky in reply. Gemma read a passage I'd forgotten about, from Pawn in Frankincense, where Philippa introduces Archie and Sheemy Wurmit.

  3. Had a lovely dinner at Sushi 168 with Vince. He showed me his father's clock, which he is trying to get back into good working order. Clocks: such opinionated objects!

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My mother used to love breakfast. It was her favourite meal, if only because it meant she could eat her favourite food - grapefruit.

I never liked grapefruit much - too sour for me, unless sugared - and could never understand her love of grapefruit. She used to say that when she was young and poor, she only got half an orange with her breakfast - her sister got the other half. She thought I was lucky to get a whole orange. I thought she was lucky to have a sister, and any sister I had would be welcome to my orange.

My mother used to love the passage in Winnie-the-Pooh:

    "When you wake up in the morning, Pooh," said Piglet at last, "what's the first thing you say to yourself?"
    "What's for breakfast?" said Pooh. "What do you say, Piglet?"
    "I say, I wonder what's going to happen exciting today?" said Piglet.
    Pooh nodded thoughtfully.
    "It's the same thing," he said.

Sometimes my father made pancakes, which was fun.

I think I was a teenager before I started to like breakfast, and adult before I realized that while the rest of the world was eating their cereal, their toast, and their scrambled eggs, I could eat anything I want. My favourite breakfast? Oatmeal. Or Caesar salad. Or leftovers from the night before. Or crepes, which can have just about any filling, but my favourite is cinnamon with butter and sugar. Yeah, decadent. And I like the crumpets that they sell at Metro, especially when they are really fresh.

I've been enjoying going out for breakfast, when possible, with [livejournal.com profile] maaseru and sometimes Pim. Club Zed at Zeller's is currently a favourite; good cheap basic breakfast of bacon and eggs (sunny side up) and toast, with coffee. The kind that Nate's used to have, on Rideau Street. I like that.

A recent discovery (by [livejournal.com profile] maaseru) is that they serve a darn good breakfast at Kristy's on Wellington near Woodroffe. We went on the weekend; Pim had liver with onions and eggs, while I had a double-bacon version of Eggs Benedict. Nice.

Different places have different breakfast choices. I like the oatmeal at Denny's, but not much else. The oatmeal at Tim Horton's is delicious. Baker Street on Wellington used t obe great, but was disappointing the last few times I went. I need to find a good place for breakfast crepes.

When I was in Turkey, I was swooning over the magnificent breakfasts we had. Buffets with huge, fresh selections. Every day: maybe a dozen different kinds of cheeses and bread, fruit including fresh figs, and lots and lots of watermelon. I came to love Turkish yoghurt.

My first trip to France, as a student, I loved their continental breakfasts: fresh baguettes with unsalted butter and delicious coffee.

In Italy a few years later, I came to love palmiers with cappuccino.

In New Orleans, I had beignets for breakfast.

Today I came across 50 of the World’s Best Breakfasts. I'm always fascinated by foreign breakfasts - always such distinctive national food. I instantly read the Canadian one, and thought: what? I've never had perogies for breakfast in my life, or seen it offered on a restaurant menu. Maybe in Calgary.

I want to try Halim. I assume the Vietnamese dish is actually congee? No, it says semolina. Okay. I do love congee - essentially the same thing, but made with rice rather than wheat. I have that for breakfast sometimes. I suspect I would like a Mongolian breakfast, as I love lamb.

And #50 - the Turkish breakfast. I sigh in nostalgic longing. But, really, their picture doesn't do it justice.

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Woke early enough, and with energy enough, to entirely clean the apartment. Well, almost entirely. After I thought I'd finished I found spilled birdseed under one of my tables. How does that happen?

Thomas phoned me with birthday greetings; he was puzzled that he hadn't been able to reach me on my actual birthday. I explained that I'd been in Turkey, and since he'd been there a couple of decades ago, we had a nice chat about it.

Went to Dim Sum with the Saundersons, who gave me a wonderful book for my birthday: Don't Know Much About Literature, which is essentially trivia quizzes about famous books and authors. fun. And, true to form, they managed a wonderful birthday card. The outside says:

    The Birthday Rule of Three

      1. Food
      2. Entertainment
      3. Wrapped gift

There's a picture of s buffet with the words "Food: Check"; of Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller from Frankenstein with the words "Entertainment: Check", and then: "Only one thing left under the rules. Happy Birthday, Elizabeth. Hugs, Marion and Vicky.

I loved it. And the Dim Sum was delicious, as Mandarin Ogilvie tends to be; this time I had (among many other superb dishes), pig's ears, which was new to me. [livejournal.com profile] maaseru teased me about eating cartilage. Guess I like eating cartilage.

After the Dim Sum, [livejournal.com profile] maaseru and I went to Costco for groceries, though I also bought a sim card for my tablet. and socks.

In the afternoon, Beulah came over with plants for [livejournal.com profile] maaseru and a cup of tea and conversation.

Then I worked on the next issue of Apaplexy, and on scrapbooking my trip.

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Had dinner tonight with Beulah and Lyn at the Sala Thai Authentic Thai Cuisine Restaurant on Alta Vista. It was great: and I didn't have to compromise on my diet. I'm really, really trying to avoid eating wheat and grains, and this place made it easy. I had a dish of seafood and vegetables.

As birthday presents, Beulah gave me books. Lyn gave me graphic novels and a giant card. We talked about Turkey, which Lyn has visited, too.


Aug. 20th, 2012 10:41 pm
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Had dinner at Sushi 168 on Merivale Road with Vince, Sheila and Ian. Fell in love with the grilled eggplant.

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Supper at Bento Sushi: Rocky Mountain Rolls:



May. 10th, 2012 04:18 pm
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This item about places selling out of shawarma made me smile.

Maybe I'll have a shawarma over the weekend. Or even tomorrow, when I'm having lunch with [livejournal.com profile] gamergrrl. Yeah, that would be good.

Movies and books have often made me crave certain foods, or want to eat foods I never liked before. I wouldn't eat mushrooms until I got hooked on them at the age of fifteen, when I read Lord of the Rings. Yeah, mention a food in a movie or TV show, and I'm likely to want it.


Apr. 10th, 2012 06:18 pm
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I did something today I've never done before: I made yogurt.

Everyone has told me it's easy, but I'd never done it. And I did it the extra-easy way: I have a yogurt-making machine, which I bought in the Great Glebe Garage Sale last year, but hadn't yet used.

I figured it was time.

So I read the instructions, and set it up this morning, and now, 9 hours later - allowing an hour for the yogurt to cool - I have some rather delicious yogurt to eat. Plain and unadulterated.

And I could add fruit to it, too. Or cinnamon and stevia. Or... whatever I want.

I am delighted with this. Yum.
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This is inspired by today's post by commodorified, who asked:

    If I ever cook for you, or if I might get to cook for you in future, please list your loves, hates, likes, dislikes, restrictions, intolerances, and allergies in a comment.

    Comments are screened to protect your privacy; if you want to be able to point other people here please let me know in your comment and I'll unscreen you.

My reply, which I'm sure will be amended and added to in future:

~ ~ ~

    Loves: strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, crème brulée, buttered popcorn, rice pudding, moussaka made with lamb (or just about any lamb dish), beef tongue, asparagus, duck, most vegetables (especially sweet peppers, turnip, cilantro, parsley, and mushrooms), spice cake, pumpkin pie, Brie and other good cheeses, anything creamy. Favourite flavour for sweets: butterscotch, cinnamon. Favourite desert: fresh strawberry shortcake with fresh whipping cream.

    Drinks: I like horehound candies, peppermint life savers, and certain soft drinks: root beer, Sanpellegrino Chinotto, and Kinnie. I drink hot tea with milk in it, never sugar. Preference: Earl Grey decaff, but I also like and drink regular Earl Grey, Orange Pekoe, and other black teas. Occasionally ginger tea, jasmine tea, or chai. I like London Fog, lattes, cappucino, and Irish Coffee. Regular coffee is fine, but I generally prefer tea. I like iced tea. Also red wine, rum punch, Sonic Screwdrivers, and Kahlua in milk. Hot chocolate.

    Dislikes: relish, salad dressings made with vinegar, mustards (except sometimes), dark chocolate. I don't like the taste of preservatives and chemicals, which I can sometimes taste in packaged foods.

    Hates: wasabi, vinegar

    Allergies: wheat (sometimes), raw pineapple, wasabi, hot peppers

    Intolerances: hot spices, black pepper, raw carrots (sometimes); sometimes I have problems with citrus and acidic foods

~ ~ ~

So... what about you?
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This article strikes me as significant: How to make a decent cup of tea by Christopher Hitchens. So true. If only people would listen - especially restaurants!

There is a local Greek restaurant in which I had the most delicious moussaka of my life.

Sadly, that meal, wonderful though it was, was accompanied by the worst cup of tea I have ever encountered. I can't remember the one without the other. I know Greeks aren't into tea; but they shouldn't put it on the menu if they are going to make it so badly.

Tea aside, I also came to love Christopher Hitchen's commentaries on history and religion. At first I was wary of his confrontational style, so unlike my own. But I can to respect it, and him, because of what he was saying. I came to respect him more and more. He made people listen.


Nov. 20th, 2011 10:55 pm
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  • Went to brunch with the local Francophone brunch group. Enjoyed it well enough; understood everything anyone said, except that it took me a minute to remember what hypothécaire means.

    The world loves synchronicity: at one point they started talking about the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, which one of the men is going on next May. And I just saw a movie about it yesterday. His wife sings Gregorian Chant. Cool.

  • Walked to the Green Door and back. It was a beautiful day for walking: it had been raining, but was dry by then, and beautiful.

  • Small world: Margaret, whom I just met on Friday, was there - not at the brunch but working at the restuarant. We exchanged a few words (in English) about the next book for the book club.

  • Started work on another free-lance project.

  • Sorted the pile of papers in my "to be sorted" bag beside my desk, and filed them, mostly in the folder I got yesterday.

  • Felt tired, with aches and pains. A bit of a headache. Why? I wasn't dealing with EI today.

  • I made a soufflé for supper. Pim came down and we watched two episodes of Supernatural.

    1. "The Mentalists" - best episode in a long time. Lots of character bits and interaction between Sam and Dean, an interesting supernatural murder plot, no Leviathans, Dean and a girl showing mutual interest - I liked this a lot.

    2. "Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!" - very silly. It did have some fun moments, but I'm not much of a Becky fan, and after the initial scenes, she was as annoying here as ever. Loved Dean's reactions, though. Best thing about the episode: Leslie Odom Jr. as Guy, the Crossroads Demon. I always like Mark Sheppard, but I thought he was looking a bit worn out here. Haggard, even.

  • Pim showed me a videogame in which the space-cowboy protagonist looked and sounded like a cross between Mal Reynolds and Dean Winchester. There might have been a bit of Cowboy Bepop in there, too.

  • [livejournal.com profile] maaseru came back from Halifax, looking exhausted.

  • Studied some French, but not enough. My brain is broken.

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I like to put food in the slow cooker before I go to bed, because then I don't have to worry about cooking things in the morning. Frying or scrambling an egg is okay, and so is oatmeal, but one likes a change. I seldom eat cold cereal, and don't like it. So the slow cooker is a wonderful thing.

Last night I put leftover pork and some veggies and sauce in the crockpot and had it for breakfast and it came out weirdly tasteless. Disappointing.

I wonder why.

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With some trepidation, and some courage, I just signed up for my chirporactor's Eat By Design challenge. [livejournal.com profile] maaseru will not be happy with me! - But she likes Dr. Pope, so that's some mitigation. I think I can do it... I think I'll enjoy it. And if it's a challenge for me to share with others, that's a little more incentive. Too bad I didn't go to the Eat By Design lecture he gave on Thursday; I wanted to, but I couldn't. I had a French class.

One of the worst challenges of it will be using Facebook. I hate using Facebook.

Here's the outlines of their Eat By Design program from their Facebook page:

    The Wellness Group | Chiropractic, Massage & Nutrition | Kanata, Ontario
    The Eat By Design 30-Day Challenge starts NOW!

    1. Write "I'm in!" on The Wellness Group's Facebook Fanpage (Here!)

    2. Let everyone you know you are challenging yourself for 30 days to live as close to "By Design" as possible - accountability is powerful!

    3. Follow the steps: Brain Body Connection - Eat By Design - Move By Design- Rest, Play, Love - Clearly Define Your Purpose -The more you follow the bigger the impact.

    4. This is not simply about "losing weight", there is enough of that mentality to go around, it is about being well, fulfilling the requirements for a full expression of life and watching what happens, not just to your physique but your well-being.

    5. Participate - share your goals, recipes, your meals, pics (take pre/post for yourself and even post them if you're courageous!), take a few measurements ( waist, thighs, arms, chest - there will be millions of physiological changes but it's nice to measure a few) ask questions, encourage others.

    6. Join us at the end for a celebration, The EBD Christmas Potluck on Saturday, December 10th, 12-2pm - Sign up at The Wellness Group or via email and let us know what EBD potluck dish you'll be bringing along.

I found this item on the Meat and Nut Breakfast interesting because I always find breakfast problematic. I like a lot of protein for breakfast; I was just reading about how good eggs are for breakfast. The above... Well, I don't like nuts, but I don't have to eat many of them. Maybe I'll go for the organic fruit option.

Unfortunately, I went shopping yesterday, and bought some non-organic blueberries. Oh well. We'll call this starting slow. I'm eating them, but I'm still doing the challenge.

This diet reminds me of the one recently touted where you eat like a prehistoric cave man. I like that idea.

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I need to get this book: Inn at the Crossroads, mentioned on George R.R. Martin's not-a-blog.

What a brilliant idea. I wish I'd thought of it. So much more interesting than Julia Child recipes.

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Dinner at Fratelli's on Bank near First Avenue: just had the best fettucine ever. Fettucine alla sila, I think they called it. A thick creamy mushroom sauce, with sliced meat. Swoonworthy.

And I got my crème brulée for dessert, too.


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