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Watched two episodes of Supernatural tonight: "Everybody Loves Hitler" (8x13) and "Trial and Error" (8x14). Loved them both. The show was in a slump; but right now, I'm loving it.

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Seems like a long time since I'd watched Supernatural. Maybe because the last few seasons blurred to irrelevance in my mind.

And this was the best episode since season 4.

I liked the plot, the way it twisted and turned. I liked the way Dean was dark and muddy and mean, and Sam was a wuss. I actually loved both of them again. I loved the role of the dog, which reminded me of the story in Hawkeye #1, which is my new gold standard for fannish wonderfulness.

And I loved seeing... )

I'm really looking forward to the next episode, for the first time in ages.

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I haven't watched much of Supernatural season 7. It didn't seem compelling.

But tonight I watched "Time After Time" and totally loved it. Even if just ... )


Nov. 20th, 2011 10:55 pm
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  • Went to brunch with the local Francophone brunch group. Enjoyed it well enough; understood everything anyone said, except that it took me a minute to remember what hypoth√©caire means.

    The world loves synchronicity: at one point they started talking about the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, which one of the men is going on next May. And I just saw a movie about it yesterday. His wife sings Gregorian Chant. Cool.

  • Walked to the Green Door and back. It was a beautiful day for walking: it had been raining, but was dry by then, and beautiful.

  • Small world: Margaret, whom I just met on Friday, was there - not at the brunch but working at the restuarant. We exchanged a few words (in English) about the next book for the book club.

  • Started work on another free-lance project.

  • Sorted the pile of papers in my "to be sorted" bag beside my desk, and filed them, mostly in the folder I got yesterday.

  • Felt tired, with aches and pains. A bit of a headache. Why? I wasn't dealing with EI today.

  • I made a souffl√© for supper. Pim came down and we watched two episodes of Supernatural.

    1. "The Mentalists" - best episode in a long time. Lots of character bits and interaction between Sam and Dean, an interesting supernatural murder plot, no Leviathans, Dean and a girl showing mutual interest - I liked this a lot.

    2. "Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!" - very silly. It did have some fun moments, but I'm not much of a Becky fan, and after the initial scenes, she was as annoying here as ever. Loved Dean's reactions, though. Best thing about the episode: Leslie Odom Jr. as Guy, the Crossroads Demon. I always like Mark Sheppard, but I thought he was looking a bit worn out here. Haggard, even.

  • Pim showed me a videogame in which the space-cowboy protagonist looked and sounded like a cross between Mal Reynolds and Dean Winchester. There might have been a bit of Cowboy Bepop in there, too.

  • [livejournal.com profile] maaseru came back from Halifax, looking exhausted.

  • Studied some French, but not enough. My brain is broken.

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Things went entirely haywire today in many directions at once, and in the end I spent the evening in a way I didn't plan at all: watching last week's Supernatural with Pim and [personal profile] maaseru.

It was a thrown-together supper of Kraft Dinner, PC frozen meat balls, Caesar salad, and (thanks to Marion and Vicky last night) chocolate mousse cake. Really quite good, in the end. With food and the easement of a few minor crises (don't ask) tempers cooled and we really enjoyed th episode. Pin said she thought it was better than the season opener of Fringe. I found it hard to compare; I like Fringe so very much better, think it's a much better show. But Fringe's "Neither Here Nor There" didn't feature Peter, wasn't particularly tense, and didn't have a lot of plot; while Supernatural managed to pack a lot of punch, and humour too, into a nicely coherent story.

I could still do without the gore.

Nevertheless, this is what I liked about 'Supernatural'... )


Jun. 26th, 2011 10:32 pm
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  • Morning coffee at Bridgehead. In a wild and reckless moment, I bought and ate one of their Morning Buns with my latte. Mmmm good.

  • Went to the Farmer's Market at Lansdowne and bought some elk liver (wonder what that will be like?) and lamb. And some veggies. And some incredibly good fresh local ripe red strawberries.

  • Went to Dim Sum at the Mandarin Oglivie with [livejournal.com profile] maaseru, Marion and Vicky. Then we went back to my place and watched an episode of Moonlight, #12, "The Mortal Cure". Enjoyed it, though I still don't like Beth - and I think Mick's ex is more beautiful and more interesting. Too bad she's untrustworthy. (But then, so is Beth.) While watching, I altered [livejournal.com profile] maaseru's new Chinese Dim Sum T-shirt to fit her better.

  • I walked over to Hildegarde's place for the Ottawa Science Fiction Society annual picnic. I haven't been to an OSFS meeting in years, but it was fun to be at the picnic for a bit. Chatted with my friends there for about half an hour, then walked back home.

  • Made lamb stew from the lamb I bought in the morning, and banana bread.

  • [livejournal.com profile] maaseru and Pim came down to my place for supper and we watched three episodes of Supernatural - bringing us to the end of the sixth season. Enjoyed them very much indeed. Why wasn't last season this good? Or all of this season? Though I got a little bored and impatient in the sequence where Sam was hunting himself. (Maybe it didn't last long, but it felt long.) I was happy to see Lisa and Ben again, and though I don't approve of what... )

  • Cleaned kitchen, scrubbed floors, cleaned the bathroom a little too. Well. Someone had to do it.

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Watched Supernatural over supper with [livejournal.com profile] maaseru and Pim.

My love for Dean is reviving. And Castiel... oh, Castiel.

Much entertainment here... )

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Supernatural isn't exciting me much these days, but... )
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Watched the first six episodes of season six of Supernatural today, and enjoyed them mightily - much more than last year. I still like Lisa. I don't trust the Campbells.

Spent as much time as possible in stretching the arm. I can't tell if it makes any difference at all. It seems futile, except... well, there's been progress in the past, so even though I can't tell either way, there's no alternative but to do them.

I moved the budgies away from the window, so they're now behind me at the computer, where they will be warmer. A sign of winter coming for sure.

The snow stayed on the ground all day.


Oct. 2nd, 2010 12:47 am
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From The Fannish Five: Name five characters who would love to attend a family reunion.

Seems oddly worded, but if the question means "five characters whose family reunion would be interesting to see" - well, then! Funny how most of the characters in most of what I read lack relatives. So many orphans. And so many people with villainous brothers.

  1. Francis Crawford of Lymond. If we allow all the semi-related to attend - the illegitimate half-sister, the adopted son on his enemy, the uncle/father and the grandfather/father... What a bunch they would be! I am myself a great fan of Rankin, the First Baron, and would love to see him and Sybilla together.

  2. The Summers family from X-Men. Add in the alternate future generations (like Rachel, always a favourite) and the dead and the demonic... Not sure where Jean Grey would fit in here: maybe she'd better stay dead, though it would be fun to see Emma Frost (Scott Summers' current love, the White Queen) meet Madeline Pryor (his first wife, the Goblin Queen). Polaris and Magneto should be there - would that include Wanda and Pietro, as Havok's ex-half-brother- and ex-half-sister-in-law? Or Wiccan and Speed, as the semi-existant magical half-nephews? And Hulking, as the boyfriend of one of them? Heh: this could be fun, figuring how big a crowd we could get. Can we add in Cable, his wife and son (long-dead in the distant future) and Stryfe? At some point, thinking too much about the Summers family ends in a headache from exploding brain synapses.

  3. A sort of tie here for two comic book 'families' who both are and are not literal families: the Batman family (at DC) and the Wolverine family (at Marvel).

    The first consists basically of those in batcostume and their closest friends: Bruce Wayne, his son Damian, his adopted son Dick, the various Robins, Batgirl, Batwoman, Oracle, the Birds of Prey, Alfred. Maybe Catwoman (with Helena? can I call her Helena Wayne?1) or Talia al-Ghul2.

    Though Wolverine tends to treat the X-Men as family, and has had a number of wives and lovers, the Wolverine family consists of only three people: Logan, his son Daken, and his clone X-23. Probably better not to have them all in the same room together, though in the right circumstances, it might be fun. I'd like to see X-23 and Daken compare notes. Have they ever met, canonically? Not as far as I know - which means it's a meeting just waiting to happen.

  4. The Winchesters: Sam, Dean, and their father John. Just because I adored John and would like to see him again in any capacity. Castiel could join them - a guardian angel is sort of like a family member, right? I'd like to see Castiel meet John Winchester. Then there's the newly-alive-again grandfather and those cousins. Guess we'd have to allow Adam, dead or alive.

  5. The Doctor in Doctor Who. For someone who has no relatives and is the last of his kind, there are an awful lot of potential relatives: a mother we seem to have barely glimpsed, a father, at least one wife and possibly two (can we count River Song?), a child or children unspecified, a granddaughter Susan, a clone-daughter, and - anyone else? Well, since it's a big party, and can include all of time and space, I'd allow any of the regenerations of the Doctor who want to attend, and any of the companions as well. The TARDIS is big. It could handle the crowd.


1 Let me explain this a little for non-readers of Batman: Selina Kyle (Catwoman) had a daughter named Helena. We never learned for sure who Helena's father was, but Bruce Wayne showed considerable paternal-style interest in her, and we know Bruce and Selina had been sleeping together at some point before that. The Earth-2 Batman (don't ask, it gets complicated) and the Earth-2 Catwoman had a daughter named Helena Wayne, who became The Huntress.

2 Talia al-Ghul is, canonically, the mother of Batman's son Damian.

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So there we have it. The End. Only it isn't the end, is it? Another season coming.

I wonder if this is the ending we would have got if they hadn't planned a sixth season. I'm not sure I want to know.

There were... )

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Tonight I sat down with [livejournal.com profile] maaseru and [livejournal.com profile] explodedteabag and we watched the last four episodes of Supernatural all in a row. Four episodes at once - we'd fallen behind in watching. We saw "Point of No Return", "Hammer of the Gods", "The Devil You Know" and "Two Minutes to Midnight".

A few comments... )

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From Fannish 5: What are your five favourite sibling relationships?

  1. Francis Crawford of Lymond and his brother, Richard Crawford, Third Baron Culter. Richard and Francis are wonderful. I love all their scenes together, particularly the most fraught ones: in the clearing in The Game of Kings, on the beach in The Ringed Castle. I like the way they love each other, but Lymond can always push Richard's buttons, and does... And Richard has no defenses against him.

  2. Northstar and Aurora, in Alpha Flight and X-Men and other Marvel mutant comics. I love Northstar in particular - Canadian, gay, a glamourous athlete. Aurora I don't much like - she has suffered badly from terrible writing over the years, and characters with dual personalities are notoriously hard to write well. But they are pretty together, and dramatic, and they can fly.

  3. Sam and Dean Winchester, in the TV show Supernatural. The writing there has had its ups and down, but my goodness, they are fun - heartbreaking and heartwarming. My favourite Sam and Dean scene is the moment with the cereal, when Dean gives Sam the last serving.

  4. Robert, Cyril, Anthea, Jane and the Lamb in Five of us and It, The Phoenix and the Carpet, and The Story of the Amulet by E. Nesbit.

  5. The Power children, Alex, Julie, Jack and Katie Power, from Marvel's comic, Power Pack. This is not surprising, in view of my choice #4: I believe Louise Simonson once said that the Power kids were inspired by the E. Nesbit books.

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I liked this episode a lot better than the last few, because... )
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I watched Eddie Izzard: Marathon Man episode 3 last night, and it was as interesting and inspiring as before. This time he went to several places I've been - not just Edinburgh, but Thirlstane Castle, and Durham, and Harrogate. I got quite excited.

And yes, once again it was inspirational.

Also watched Supernatural 2x16, "The Dark Side of the Moon". It felt... )


Mar. 29th, 2010 09:23 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] maaseru is home again, and had supper with me and [livejournal.com profile] explodedteabag. We watched Castle episode 2x17, "Tick, Tick, Tick", which was wonderful, followed by Supernatural episode 5x15, "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid". Wondered when they'd get to a zombie episode. It reminded me of the third season episodes; I'm not sure why. Sam seemed to have the same expression through most of it, but I loved Dean's sad face.

I'm too tired to talk about either of them. I liked Castle much more, if only because I don't like zombie stories much. And I adored Beckett in this one; it's fun seeing her perplexed, or maybe even disturbed.

I'm making rice pudding for lunches at work, but I'm trying it with stevia instead of sugar, to see how that turns out.

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[livejournal.com profile] abrakadabrah pointed me to an interesting commentary on the fifth season of Supernatural by [livejournal.com profile] karenmiller.

I'm still mulling it over.

I had thought the feasons for the change in the show, and the loss of quality, were (1) they lost Kim Manners, and (2) Eric Kripke lost interest in the story and consequently lost his sense of direction - in both senses of the word. He's already proved that he can tell a strong story, but suddenly stopped doing so. [livejournal.com profile] karenmiller thinks they lost faith in their own story, which is perhaps a different way of saying the same thing. Faith in our own creativity gives us direction. Lack of faith gives us George R.R. Martin. Stories that ramble, unravel.

At first, I thought it was a cool idea, to hold an Apocalypse and no one notices. That would have worked... If we'd had more coherency of storyline and character. I was riveted by season four. I was committed. Season Five is just too random, and I've gone from something close to fannish obsession, to paying almost no attention and not much caring any more. Breaks of many weeks between episodes don't help.

Now, for me, Castiel was the biggest draw, at least, before I fell in love with Dean Winchester. But the dangerous, conflicted angel of season four seems to have turned into comic relief. Disappoints me more than all the rest, maybe. And Dean is no longer the Dean of season four.

Can the show reclaim my interest? I hope so, but I'm afraid to hope too much.

After all, I remember what happened to X-Files.

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Well, that was a bloody one, wasn't it? It's a while since I've had to watch half a Supernatural episode with my eyes closed.

This is not a complaint, since they seem to be back in their groove. Or something. And Team Free Will isn't doing so well emotionally.

Comments... )


Feb. 9th, 2010 10:57 pm
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I went to a noontime yoga class at Adishesha Yoga Zone today. It was superb. I was most impressed with the teacher, Basia Going, and plan to go back for another class on Thursday. I emerged from the class feeling both relaxed and energized - which is exactly how I should feel. And it's a sign that my back is much better.

Then I met Lynne at Bridgehead, and showed her my Caribbean photos, and we talked about various things - mostly travel. She's going to the Isle of Skye in May. Lucky woman.

Spent most of the afternoon writing my apazine, mostly about my trip.

Then I watched Supernatural "The Song Remains the Same" with [livejournal.com profile] maaseru and [livejournal.com profile] explodedteabag. [livejournal.com profile] maaseru and I had both seen it yesterday, but [livejournal.com profile] explodedteabag hadn't. She liked it even more than I'd hoped. And I enjoyed it even more than I did yesterday, especially the parallel scenes between Sam and John, and Dean with Mary. Sam is superb in this one. But then, so is Dean.

Then I perusade them to watch the pilot episode of White Collar, which I am happy to say, they both liked a lot, and they recognized and reacted to the slashiness of it. Yay! My pimping was succesful.

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Without actually being redemptive, this episode was More Like it.

Still: after several episodes that weren't quite worth the trouble, it's hard to have faith in the show again. There's something of narrative thrust that has been lost.

But the script was good and the acting was terrific. I kept expecting someone to reach for the Retcon, because obviously characters couldn't be left knowing their own futures, could they?

More specific comments... )

This show still means more to me than other things on TV, though Castle is gaining ground. What else should I be watching, if anything? [livejournal.com profile] maaseru suggested a return to Lost. I am about to watch Being Human.

Today Sheila showed me a couple of episodes of Mortal Target; entertaining, but I kept seesawing between enjoyment and impatience. It had aspects of Stingray that I loved: that the hero is a mystery action man with good connections, that he doesn't take payment but he does take promises of help in future, and non-monetary items like rings. On the other hand, the plots seemed more full of absurdities than was necessary and it wasn't quite a clever as it pretended to be. And - this was probably the real problem - however much I liked Christopher Chance as written, I don't much like Mark Valley. My favourite character by far was Jackie Earle Haley (whom I loved as Rorschach in Watchmen) as Guerrero, and I kept wishing we'd see more of him.


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