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Okay, I'm dipping my toes into the Yuletide waters. I've been looking for a few good prompts - or for stories written about the characters I love.

The template here is taken from [personal profile] triplesalto.

Hello and welcome to my Yuletide letter! Thank you in advance for writing for me.

AO3 name: fajrdrako
General Likes: Competence, heroism, adventures, slow burn romance, passionate feelings, first times, five-times fics, happy endings. Good grammar and good spelling and that more nebulous thing, good style, are all very important to me - more important than story content. I love in-character fanfic that makes me feel I know a character better than I did before.

Smut Likes: Detailed explicit sex, sex in which the characters are really eager for it, M/M, F/F, threesomes or sexual groupings of any configuration, bisexual characters, teasing, romantic sex, passionate feelings, bondage, sexual tension and/or delayed gratification.

DNWs: unhappy endings, character death, rape, extreme changes from canon characterisation, explicit gore and violence.

Fandoms: The Unstoppable Wasp (comics), Swordspoint Series - Ellen Kushner, Fantastic Four (Comicverse), Warchild Series - Karin Lowachee, Fantastic Four (Comicverse), Vikings (TV).

Fandom: The Unstoppable Wasp (Comics)Read more... )

Fandom: Swordspoint Series - Ellen KushnerRead more... )

Fandom: Fantastic Four (Comicverse)Read more... )

Fandom: Warchild Series - Karin LowacheeRead more... )

Fandom: Rivers of London - Ben AaronovitchRead more... )

Fandom: Vikings (TV)Read more... )

I might add that these are all guidelines, not rules!
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It snowed last night; no more of those nice clear sidewalks. I may go for a walk anyway.
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I went for a walk today. Last fall I was going for an hour's walk every day, loving it, and mirroring it with a virtual walk along the coast of Cornwall.

Today... oh dear. After being sick through January, and mostly playing World of Warcraft through February, I am a physical weakling. After half an hour, I was huffing and puffing - I'm told that walking in cold weather is harder than walking in warm weather, and I'll take any excuse I can get.

I stuck it out for an hour, but whew. And after the fact, it feels good, which is nice. Let's hope tomorrow is easier.

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Today's yoga was chair yoga with Saadia Gomez. Again, it helped me to feel better, and I liked the teacher's manner. Two things I particularly liked: the participation of her dog Charlie, and her ending sequence, with the palms together between the eyes, then at the lips, then at the heart:

    Hands to the eyes - so that we always see the truth
    Hands to the lips - so that we always speak the truth
    Hands to the heart - so that we always receive the truth


Saadia Gomez

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I didn't skip yoga just because I had a cold. I found three YouTube videos for doing yoga, and I found they all made me feel better:

  1. Fiona Kaczmarczyk
  2. Yoga With Adriene
  3. Brett Larkin Yoga

For future reference.
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I've been struggling with a cold all week, which, on the negative side, means I can't work, and on the positive side means I get to loll about reading, playing games and watching television.

So I logged into World of Warcraft for the first time since... since I don't know when, and discovered things have changed. I had to re-arm my characters, and recover my pets. (I like to play hunters.)

I watched three episodes of Death in Paradise. Classic puzzle-mysteries, good characters.

I read Trinity by Matt Wagner, and I certainly enjoyed it, though I like Batman to be a little less pathologically grim, and there was something just a little stiff about it. Still: beautifully written.

I slept a lot.

I read The Hanging Tree by Ben Aaronovitch, and found myself wondering why it was called that. But of course, it's all about the Tyburn.


Jan. 2nd, 2017 07:26 pm
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"Jeremy Beaumont-Jones has been lucky enough to be born rich. He wasn't in the mad oligarch class but once you're past a certain point, the sheer weight of your money sucks in wealth like a financial singularity." - Ben Aaronovitch, The Hanging Tree.

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On Facebook, rosiespark challenged me with a tag: to list and post links to seven of my favourite songs.

What fun, I thought, and why just keep it on Facebook, where entries are difficult to find and impossible to organize? I'm going to put the entries here, too.

So here you are, from my March 2 Facebook entry:

Tagged by rosiespark to list seven of my favourite songs (day by day), I'll start with a band we both love, "My Chemical Romance"; the choice of song is "Welcome to the Black Parade". I can't help feeling that this is one of my more respectable choices, and I won't admit that what really won me over was Gerard Way's spiffy jacket. No. It's also because I love the over-the-top lyrics.

So here you are: Welcome to the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance. I can't help feeling that this is one of my more respectable choices, and I won't admit that what really won me over was Gerard Way's spiffy jacket. No. It's also because I love the over-the-top lyrics.

Welcome to the Black Parade.

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I've been having trouble logging back into Dreamwidth... They didn't recognise my address any more. The nerve! I'm back in, and relieved, but somewhat perplexed.


Feb. 8th, 2016 09:28 pm
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Thinking a lot about writing, but haven't had a chance to sit down and post something. Still: it's great to be in the mood for it.

Wondering what to write first. What fandom. Hmm.

Busy day

Feb. 5th, 2016 09:21 pm
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Ah what a lovely day: worked at two locations and then sat watching Flashpoint with [personal profile] commodorified and [personal profile] fairestcat. I love that show. Add a few comics to the mix. Delightful.

Also, it was a beautiful, classic winter's day. Cold enough to skate, not cold enough to suffer. Sunny. Clear. Thing about the weather is: it just never stops changing.
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I've posted so little of late.

Busy times: I'm moving in two days. Packing like mad. I thought I'd already decluttered, so how come I have so much stuff?
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But what a relief from all these months of snow.

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Boxing Day: one of my favourite holidays. A chance to unwind, read Christmas books, visit Lisa - that's a longstanding tradition. Longstanding Boxing Day traditions are almost as much fun as Christmas traditions.

Though it's fun when it's different, too. The year I lived in England, everyone in the family I was visiting played field hockey on Boxing Day.

A change...

Aug. 8th, 2014 06:39 pm
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I'm changing all my various accounts, because I'm changing my email address. Best address for me now is probably azurite2@yahoo.ca.
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Book Question #2: What book or series do you wish more people were reading and talking about?

(1) Megan Whalen Turner's series about Attolia. Imagine the early Renaissance as a world still like Ancient Greece. A boy named Gen uses his skills as a thief to get involved in power politics in the first book; to say any more would be to give spoilers for a series full of twists and turns of character and event. The books so far are "The Thief", "The Queen of Attolia", "The King of Attolia", and "A Conspiracy of Kings." Note: they must be read in that order.

(2) Karin Lowachee's series about the space battleship Macedon. A futuristic world with three battlefronts: an uneasy enmity between Earth and its colonies, and the first alien race they have encountered; and Admiral Cairo Azarcon is hunting down the slave-pirate Falcon to destroy his empire. The books are "Warchild", "Burndive" and "Cagebird".

(3) Iona Andrews' series about Kate Daniels. It is postaplocalyptic Atlanta, Georgia; magic and technology switch back and forth, causing havoc for humanity. Kate Daniels is a freelance mercenary who takes on any challenge from evil mages to vampires to the mysteries of her own past; and the leonine king of the shape-changers.

See Magic Bites on Goodreads.

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Book Questions: Name a book series you wish had gone on longer OR a book series you wish would just freaking end already (or both!)

    A series I wish had gone on longer: the SF trilogy by Karin Lowachee, comprising "Warchild", "Burndive" and "Cagebird". Fascinating characters, interesting and believable world-building, and a protagonist - I'm thinking of Cairo Azarcon here - I just couldn't get enough of. How I wish there was more.

    A book series I wish would just freaking end already: George R.R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire", which was wonderful through, say, the first three books; then has become more and more dull as it continues. It should have got to the point and ended by now.
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Watched the first two parts of Michael Wood's In Search of William Shakespeare this evening. What a great show.


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