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I'm looking for a jacket, for indoor wear, to wear while working - something that looks businesslike but not formal.

I want it in blue, because I want to wear it as a sort of uniform. I want three of them. Qualities like being comfortable and durable would be important; pockets are important; exact colour and style not quite so much for. I'm thinking of something that's sort of a blazer, but wool is no good because I'm allergic. I like high collars and 3/4 length sleeves, but that's optional.

I thought I found what I wanted on Joan Rivers' site, until I saw the ominous notice: they do not ship to Canada. Well, I do see two flaws: made in China, and no pockets.

So: advice? anyone? where can I find a jacket like that? Either in Canada, or from a place that will ship to Canada?

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I am in a book club, and I am on an email discussion list where we want to discuss books.

In both cases, we are looking for books to read. Do you well-read people have any suggestions? What books are good for nice, meaty discussions?

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I have been using Rogers for my computer, Internet and wireless needs, and never had a problem with them. Till today...

Okay, it was my stupid mistake. I connected my Blackberry to the computer with a cord, and it gave me a question: "do you want to connect to the computer? yes/no" and a "don't show this message again". I hit "no" and "don't show this message again". I meant to hit "yes".

I rebooted the device, and replaced the sim card, but the computer still didn't and wouldn't connect. So I phoned technical support and they put me on to another technical support who said they could fix my problem easily but it would cost me $30. Miffed, I refused.

It means I still can't do what I wanted to do, though... And browsing online I don't see a way I can reverse my "no" to a "yes". Frustrating! It looks as if I may have to pay $30 to get use of my Blackberry audiofiles.... though I suppose that's cheaper than buying an ipod.

Anybody here have any advice?

Post script:
Okay, I solved the problem by doing a Blackberry system restore, rebooting, and then reinstalling/updating the Blackberry software on my computer. Now it works again. Without the warning message.

I'm still growling at Rogers, whom I pay a small fortune to each month to keep my system working. It was my mistake that caused the problem, but it was a simple question which should have had a simple answer.

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If I were in the UK, and my stomach was upset from too much rich food, what would I take for it?

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I have an old IKEA lamp with a plastic lampshade that broke yesterday. The shade, not the lamp. I'd like to get another shade for it, the kind that fits right over the lampshade.

Any idea where I should go? Ideally, I'd like a lampshade like this one from IKEA:

...But IKEA is rather far to go, and I don't think they sell that lampshade separately: I'd have to buy the whole lamp. Which, I gripe to note, is $19.99 in the U.S. and $49.99 in Canada even though our money is close to being at par and the thing comes from Sweden. How does that make sense? This is, I see, available at my local store. Just to torment me.

I'll settle for anything that isn't heartbreakingly ugly. Normally I'd go to Zeller's but they're gone (or almost gone? - is there anything left of Zeller's at Billings Bridge?) - and Target doesn't exist yet.


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This evening my friends and I talked about 'things which cheer us up'. We'd looked online for lists of suggestions, and were not impressed at many of the the answers - a lot of ideas just looked silly to us, like "Wear a fake moustache all day". We agreed that this wouldn't cheer us up.

So we each made our own lists, and because we happen to be surprisingly alike, our lists turned out pretty much the same, even though we'd written then separately. There were some things that cheer us up which we can't control - like hearing from friends, or a sunny spring day - that is significant, but I made my list things I can actually choose when I'm having a bad day. My list:

  1. Puppies.
  2. Flowers.
  3. Certain movies - usually but not exclusively musicals.
  4. Certain books.
  5. Dancing.
  6. Writing.
  7. Looking at a large body of water. Or walking alongside one.
  8. Boating.
  9. Listening to birds.
  10. Singing.
  11. Looking at art and architecture.
  12. Redecorating, or moving furniture around.
  13. Looking at trees and rocks.
  14. Exploring a place I haven't been before.

Do you have any further suggestions?

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I have been looking at a lot of Facebook pages recently for one of the jobs I'm doing, and I am enjoying it immensely - seeing what people put up about themselves.

One thing I don't understand: the people who start out their description with phrases like "I'm a total bitch". Are they proud of it? Or is it a joke? Or a form of self-loathing? I never know how to take something like that. I'm not even sure what they mean by it.

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A few cooking questions:

  1. What is the best way to store mushrooms?
  2. Do you have a favourite recipe for moussaka?
  3. Is it okay to store coconut oil at room temperature?
  4. Where are the best places in Ottawa to buy organic food?


Dec. 4th, 2011 08:48 am
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Why have I been deaming about Paris every night for a week?

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Does anyone here know anything about Tabata training?

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An incredibly busy day that started with moving a file cabinet at 7 a.m. and went on from there... including overseeing the repair of a much bigger file cabinet at work, and having an al fresco dinner on one of the patios in the Market, at the Auld Dubliner.

On my way past the Chateau Laurier, I dropped in to make reservations for Afternoon Tea on International Dunnett Day, October 15. To my horror, they had no reservations available till 2:30 p.m. and the idea is to drink a toast to Dorothy Dunnett at 1 p.m. Can anyone suggest another place that is elegant yet affordable? Or quirky and different? My next thought was the Cafe d'Entrée at the National Gallery. Has anyone here been there?

There's always the Moorside Tea Room at Kingsmere in Gatineau Park, which would be lovely, but then we have to arrange transportation. Wait a minute, it's the prime leaf-viewing season and it will be so busy there'll be no hope of getting up there on that particular weekend. The roads will be jammed. And the restaurant too. It's the worst weekend in the year to go there.

I rather like The Tea Party on York Street, but it isn't very elegant.

I suppose we could do lunch at Le Café at the National Arts Centre.

Adding to my frustration, I'm so busy for the next while I don't have time to call up the people who are likely to attend, to ask their opinions.

Are there any particularly Scottish places around?

No doubt I'll think of something.

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Can anyone tell me what city this is?

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From time to time lately I've had pain in my wrist when using my mouse. A common problem, I know. Any suggestions what to do about it?

I've tried to use my left hand instead; that works pretty well, and is probably good for my left hand, which still suffers some numbness from the elbow replacement. It's a little slow and clumsy, but actually not difficult at all.

I could rest the right hand on a cushion.

I could stop using the computer so much... No, no, I couldn't do that!

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Can anyone tell me where this picture was taken?

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Over the past year or two I've been reading a lot of webcomics. And you know what? I think most of them are bad. They're either weak jokes, or bad art, or some combination of the above; and some are sometimes okay, but can't usually keep the quality up.

I'd love to know about any really good webcomics out there, if you find any.

Tonight I came across one I thought was good: a rare find. It's called Fish.

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What should a person do for a gall bladder attack?

It started about 3 a.m., and it won't go away. I looked online and found a site suggesting drinking apple cider vinegar in apple juice, so I did. It didn't help. Tried acetamnaphen, and the pain's still there.

I was going to work today, and make money. Or, if not that, get things done at home. No dice. I can't bring myself to eat anything, either.

And the pain makes me grumpy.

I'll be goind for medical tests in August, but that doesn't help me now.

Any suggestions?

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I've been having trouble posting to Lifejournal the last couple of days. What's the problem?

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Since I've already spent part of this evening trying to identify superheroes, I find myself doing it again, on this ABC of Superheroes... )

So who are J, K. L. O and Y?

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Is anyone able to tell me how to put a picture as a header at the beginning of my Dreamwidth Journal?

I know people do that, but I don't see how.

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I found this article about charity walks interesting, because I've always found the idea of a charity walk baffling. I've been in one myself, last month, and it still puzzles me. Why do people contribute to charity walks when they don't give money to charities themselves? Is it the idea of people earning the money in some way, or - ? Is it because it's a combination of fun and self-sacrifice?

The thing is, it works. Obviously. Which is why the charities do it. I just don't quite get the psychology by which it's so effective.


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