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Book Questions: Name a book series you wish had gone on longer OR a book series you wish would just freaking end already (or both!)

    A series I wish had gone on longer: the SF trilogy by Karin Lowachee, comprising "Warchild", "Burndive" and "Cagebird". Fascinating characters, interesting and believable world-building, and a protagonist - I'm thinking of Cairo Azarcon here - I just couldn't get enough of. How I wish there was more.

    A book series I wish would just freaking end already: George R.R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire", which was wonderful through, say, the first three books; then has become more and more dull as it continues. It should have got to the point and ended by now.
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I just came across this story online: George R.R. Martin wants to write Doctor Strange.

Wow. I'd love to see what he made of it. Doctor Strange has long been a favourite of mine - but he has suffered from some uninspired writing over the years, and the latest disappointments have been the totally uninspired Doctor Strange, Season One by Greg Pak and Emma Rios, and The Defenders by Matt Fraction and Terry Dodson.

The Fraction/Dodson Defenders looked good. Dodson's art was lovely. And Fraction, who is the best writer at Marvel, had an excellent first issue that went nowhere. That devolved into a fairly dull and incoherent story which had me thinking, "Isn't anything happening yet?" It isn't that he didn't have great characters - Doctor Strange, Danny Rand, Betty Ross - I love them. I loved the way they present Strange's spells. So what happened to the derailed plot?

Seems to me it's long since time for Doctor Strange to become Sorceror Supreme again.

Martin can certainly write grabby and edgy stories, and he has a good touch with magic.

Meanwhile the latest news from Stan Lee is that there will be a Doctor Strange movie. There was one, once. It was ignominiously bad. The idea is that there will be another one. George R.R. Martin could write it. Why not? He's had plenty of screenwriting experience, he loves the character, and he understands comics.

I don't think it will happen. But I can wish.

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A song for those of us who are addicted to George R.R. Martin and A Song of Ice and Fire.

Write like the Wind (George R.R. Martin).

I hope he's listening.

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I need to get this book: Inn at the Crossroads, mentioned on George R.R. Martin's not-a-blog.

What a brilliant idea. I wish I'd thought of it. So much more interesting than Julia Child recipes.

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George R.R. Martin has an interview about how he's a fan of Wonder Man.

Now, that really is perverse!

He said, "It was great fun being interviewed by John Hodgman (he's a PC)." What's a PC? Police Constable? Progressive Conservative? Personal Computer?

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Chapter 1. I'll put it all under a cut, because I realize that even the chapter titles are spoilers - that is, they tell you who the viewpoint characters are, which tells you who's in the book, and who's alive. Though come to think of it, we could have a dead viewpoint character in these books. I don't think the ghost of Aegon the Dreadful comes back to haunt us, but you never know.

Chapter 1 )

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Like so many people, I ordered A Dance with Dragons by George R.R. Martin from amazon.ca a long, long time ago. And also like many people, I have been waiting impatiently but faithfully since A Feast for Crows came out in 2005. I remember it well. I was in Malta at the time.

Amazon has yet to deliver the book to me. Usually they're very good. Was the demand too much this time?

In any case, I got an electronic copy to tide me over. I fell back into the story just as easily and obsessively as ever - but find myself going slow, not wanting it to all be over too soon. Dying to talk about it (online or otherwise) but reluctant to encounter spoilers.

So it occurred to me that it might be fun to voice my reactions here, chapter by chapter, as I read. It's another way of prolonging the pleasure. It might be a long time till the next book.


A Cavil on Chronology... )

The Maps... )

Prologue )

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From this article in 'Game of Thrones':
    A representative for Martin’s publisher Random House says that, regarding George R.R. Martin’s long-long-long-long awaited fifth book in the series, Dance With Dragons, that an announcement may be coming soon...

I would consider this great news except that the release date for To Dance With Dragons (or did they change the title?) has already been annouced. Several times. It was, what... April 2008? Then September? Then 2009? And then they were embarrassed to say anything about it? And heck, Martin said it was already half written back in 2006...

    (the fact he’s at press tour is interesting in itself … perhaps the publisher just employs a guy to follow Martin around urging him to finish the damn book already)

In which case, the ploy has clearly not worked!


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