May. 13th, 2012

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Another day at the Comic Con. And I enjoyed myself thoroughly.


  • I got another sketch from Dave Ross: a portrait of Black Widow.

  • Went to a talk by Jamie Bamber. Can't believe how gorgeous that man is. He was charming and friendly, talking mostly about his role in Battlestar Galactica. Like most of the celebrity guests, he didn't have a prepared talk; he simply left it to the audience to ask questions. So: lots of Battlestar Galactica questions, not so much about Horatio Hornblower or Law and Order UK.

    He said that his character of Lee Adama had been imagined by the writers as the conscience of the show, and he tried to mitigate that by his acting - so that Lee wouldn't be the boring boy scout while all the other characters got the action. He was jealous of Starbuck's role: "She was the greatest pilot, and I was not. She got to do something cool every week."

  • Went to hear Adam Baldwin. He was funny and personable and answered all the questions well - especially about Firefly - but managed to say almost nothing at all personal about himself. He was asked what his favourite bit of Chuck was, and he said "sucking face with Zach". Since I had no idea what this was about, I had to look up the scene on YouTube. Hmm. That must be the least sexy kiss I ever saw.

    Someone asked him how he liked doing the Firefly episode "Jaynestown", "where Jayne was the star of the show."

    "I don't understand the question," he replied. "Wasn't Jayne always the star of the show?" He said that working on Serenity was "the most fun I ever had".

    He talked about working with Stanley Kubrick on Full Metal Jacket, and said that the role of Ethan Slaughter on Castle was his dream job.

  • I went to a lesson by Dave Ross in drawing the human figure in perspective. By the end of the session, I almost felt I was under the illusion that if I put some time and practice into it, I might actually be able to draw.

  • I went to Brent Spiner's session, where he said "everyone in this room who is Canadian is awesome and very nice." He phoned his mother to wish her Happy Mother's Day with an audience of 2,000 people.

    Someone asked, "If you had a superpower, what would it be?"

    He said, "What do you mean, if? My superpower is strength, and I use it to fight evil."

    He liked the episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation when he played two Datas at once: "It was an opportunity to work with my favourite actor."

  • I got a Batman sketch from Neal Adams, and we talked about Mithaism. Very cool: how many random strangers do I get to talk history with? I told him I'd enjoyed his talk yesterday and he said, "You were the best person in the audience."

    "What? Why?" I asked, surprised.

    "Because whenever you laughed I knew I was funny."

  • Tom Fowler drew an adorable green spotted monster in my sketchbook.

  • I got a remarkable Loki sketch from Geof Isherwood. And gorgeous sketches and autographs from Richard Starkings, Ronn Sutton, Janet Hetherington, and Darick Robertson.

    And I took photos of good costumes and interesting people:

    1. Dave Ross working on my sketch of Magneto:

    2. Rogue )

    3. Steampunk Dress )

    4. Steampunk )

    5. Jamie Bamber, in the autograph line )

    6. Neal Adams )

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30 Days of Marvel: Day 18: Funniest character

Spider-Man. Nobody beats Spider-Man for the glib one-liner.

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