May. 4th, 2012

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I just got back from the midnight showing of The Avengers.

Loved it. Absolutely loved it.

Gotta see it again at the first opportunity.

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Okay, now I've had a good sleep, let me talk about The Avengers. The movie. And what a movie. You know, I really didn't think it would live up to my hopes and expectations, and it exceeded them.

My fears: that the plot would be thin, and hokey; that there'd be too many explosions and special effects, and too little storyline; that Black Widow would be marginalized.

Black Widow is not marginalized in any way, and she is wonderful, and she is true to the character in the comic - not made gentle or nice, but not demonized either. A strong, beautiful, powerful portrayal of a strong, beautiful, powerful character.

And the plot is thin, and hokey too, and that turns out to be a strength rather than a weakness. It's a sort of homage to the old aliens-conquer-Earth theme, which used to be a staple in comics but which seldom happens today. And it's combined with the "narcissistic villain who wants to rule the world" theme, and somehow Joss Whedon makes it work because he sees the joy in both themes and makes them convincing.

There are many explosions and special effects. The explosions did not bore me - I was caught up i the drama every time. And special effects? Best I've ever seen. I can't even think of a movie that comes close; the special effects in Thor were good, but not this good.

Of course I am prejudiced: I have loved these characters since childhood. But that could be a problem, too, because my Nick Fury isn't this Nick Fury, and the movie characters aren't the same as the comic book characters, and when it comes to character, a near miss can be worse than a total failure.

Not so. The characters were all what they should be. (One exception, maybe, but also not a problem.)

Okay. Specifics... )

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30 Days of Marvel: Day 12: Best Marvel movie

Now I've seen it, I can say it with confidence: The Avengers is the best Marvel movie so far. Good script, good characters, good understanding of myths with which the movie deals.

The movies just keep getting better and better.

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Another thought about The Avengers movie:

I mentioned some of the things that makes The Avengers an exceptional movie: the acting, the production values, the good dialogue and characterization.

That isn't the reason, excactly, that it's an exceptional comic book movie.

We've had years of people making movies based on comics who don't seem to understand what comics are all about, or who focus on the wrong things: the violence, the monsters, the costumes, the hokey plots, the mythic themes... They seem to either not understand the comics in the first place (quite probable), or they don't know how to translate that knowledge into a movie.

Joss Whedon gets it right: he understands that he doesn't need to be embarrassed that his heroes wear spandex. He understands that the hero's angst doesn't get in the way of his heroism. He understands that sometimes direct action is more effective than dialogue; and sometimes a witty quip is the best response.

Good writing is good writing wherever you find it, but an understanding of the semiotics with visual myth on the screen is as rare and wonderful as it gets.


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